Summertime Fun in Franklin

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Franklin is one of best residential towns in the state of Massachusetts. Summertime is the best time to get outdoors and do many different activities. Franklin is always a place that ensures there are a ton of festivities for its residents to partake in. Franklin’s wide variety of activities makes it easy to spend quality time with you family and loved ones.

The events calendar has placed all the special events at your direct disposal. Check out some of the more anticipated events here.

Black Box: Home of Franklin’s Performing Arts Company:

The summertime is the best time to enjoy music in a communal setting. The BLACK BOX Jazz in July will be showing Daniel Ian Smith and the Generations Ensemble. As a member of the Berklee College of Music teaching staff, he is sure to bless everyone in attendance with a very unique blend of Jazz frequencies to make a relaxing night with your love done worthwhile.  They also have Lauren Kinhan, a legendary Jazz vocalist coming on July 19th. If you are interested in taking your family to some of these must see events, you can order ticket at the company’s website.

Recycling Event:

The middle of this season is also a perfect time to declutter your home. There is an electronic recycling event taking place in Franklin of July 27th.  St. Mary’s Church will be hosting this event that Saturday from 9am to 2pm. All electronics are welcome. The church will even incentivize the program by buying your antiquated electronics in exchange for cold hard cash. Everyone has those items we love to keep in our home that we also don’t need; why not take the opportunity to clear out the clutter?

Chilson Beach:

It is a must that residents of Franklin spend time by the water. It would be wise to reward yourself with a family trip to the Chilson Beach at Beaver Pond after the series of events mentioned above. Chilson Beach is an awesome location for both you and your significant other to take a relaxing stroll. Check out more information about Chilson Beach on Franklin’s Town website.

Summer is well underway and far from over! It should be a top priority to make this summer one to remember. When everything is said and done, we will always have great memories to carry us until we see this beautiful season again.

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