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The leaves are beginning to slowly dry out and their fresh green pigment is being replaced with crisp autumn hues. Serving as an interlude between summer and winter, fall is a transitional season. The slow summer days have turned to fast paced schedules. Changes of the season can be taxing; it is important to carve out a moment for yourself each day. Light a candle, cozy up with your favorite blanket and make a reading list to help you through the months ahead. Franklin, home to the first library, is the most suitable town to find all of the books on your list.



The Franklin Public Library; named after Dr. Benjamin Franklin, is known to be the first ever public library. The original collection of books is still housed in a book case in the circulation department. The Franklin Public Library has evolved since 1790; the building is community driven, with access to museum passes, online resources, a genealogy club, the list goes on. A trip to this historic library will surely inspire your reading list this fall, just remember to return your books!

The rich history between books and the town of Franklin goes even further, with the Shire Book Shop; located in a turn of the century mill building, of which is one of the very first to be powered by steam. The book shop is independent and owner operated; their goal is to preserve the nostalgic mill store atmosphere. The Shire Book Shop at 305 Union Street has an inventory of over 100,000 books; surely, you’ll be able to find whatever book you are looking for. If the bricks and mortar approach isn’t your preference, no fear; the Shire Book Shop also lists books online. Whether you have a book in mind, or you just want to browse the aisles, the Shire Book Shop will entice your imagination and leave you inspired and excited to read.

Book clubs are also a large part of the Franklin culture, for those of you who prefer a social aspect with reading, take part in the Franklin Public Library Book Club. The book club is entirely flexible; you are able to pick and choose the books and meetings you attend. The Franklin Public Library website has a reading list with a book chosen for each month of the year. The Book Club meets the fourth Tuesday of every month; September’s book being “The Immoralists” by Chloe Benjamin and next on deck, October’s book is “The Witch Elm” by Tana French. Book discussions can truly make you look at a book in a different light, which could be key to understanding the themes, or symbolisms throughout. Do you ever find yourself thinking, what did the author mean? Hear everyone’s perspective on “The Immoralists” on September 28 at Franklin Public Library!


Fall is a time of great transition; it is also an opportunity for growth. Reading has the ability to take you to a different point in time, teach you about a different culture and every page you turn can be a learning experience. So while you’re getting back into gear after summer, remember that it is okay to take time for

yourself. Slow down and use reading to escape from the stress of everyday life. Dust off your reading list this fall; Franklin surely has you covered for all of your reading needs!


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