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Fall Reads (9/18/2019) Posted in: fall - The leaves are beginning to slowly dry out and their fresh green pigment is being replaced with crisp autumn hues. Serving as an interlude between summer and winter, fall is a transitional season. The slow summer days have turned to fast paced schedules. Changes of the season can be taxing; it is important to carve… Continue Reading
5 Reasons to Take the Commuter Rail into Boston (7/30/2019) Posted in: Boston, summer - Brookview at Franklin has countless luxury features and comforts that make life easier and more enjoyable. One such convenience is the Franklin Line Commuter Rail; the nearest stop, Forge Park/495, is only mile away from Brookview and incredibly easy to utilize for commuting into Boston. The other Franklin stop – aptly named Franklin – is… Continue Reading
Summertime Fun in Franklin (7/15/2019) Posted in: Franklin, summer - Franklin is one of best residential towns in the state of Massachusetts. Summertime is the best time to get outdoors and do many different activities. Franklin is always a place that ensures there are a ton of festivities for its residents to partake in. Franklin’s wide variety of activities makes it easy to spend quality… Continue Reading
Backyard Picnic (6/21/2019) Posted in: food, Franklin, summer - You may have thought that the experience of eating can’t get any better, but you would – fortunately – be incorrect. Picnic season is upon us! You will feel the difference in your dining experience when the sun is warming your shoulders and you realize that you can lay down whenever you’d like due to… Continue Reading
Father’s Day Gift Guide (6/12/2019) Posted in: Holiday, Shopping, summer - In May we celebrated all mothers and the support that they provide us. With June already underway, it is time to also give thanks to our fathers; Father’s Day 2019 is less than a week away on Sunday the 16th! Much like mothers, fathers can be sources of comfort, wisdom, and strength. For residents of… Continue Reading
Memorial Day Weekend 2019 (5/24/2019) Posted in: food, Franklin, Holiday - With Memorial Day coming a little early this year, and the large amount of rain we have received it has been hard to take advantage of the warm weather. Luckily the forecast for the Holiday Weekend is going to be in the 70’s with some sun and no chance of rain, according to Memorial… Continue Reading
Mother’s Day 2019 (5/9/2019) Posted in: Holiday - Now that it is finally May, there is plenty to plan for this month with all the Holidays. Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday the 12th! If you haven’t made plans yet for the Holiday, then keep reading for further suggestions! Often times a Sunday Morning Brunch would be a great way to get… Continue Reading
2019 Boston Marathon (4/8/2019) Posted in: Boston, Sports - Spring has sprung in New England and warmer weather is finally upon us! Now that April is here, one of Massachusetts most celebrated events of the year, the Boston Marathon, is coming up. The annual event is the world’s oldest marathon and the race was first held in 1897. Each yea, the event attracts upwards… Continue Reading
March Madness 2019 (3/25/2019) Posted in: Sports - It is that time of the year again; time for the start of spring and all the fun that comes with it. March Madness is now upon us and the tournament has begun! This is always a crazy time of the year whether or not you’re involved with brackets. This hectic season of basketball is… Continue Reading
St. Patrick’s Day 2019 (3/15/2019) Posted in: Franklin, Holiday - Here in New England, there are many individuals that can trace their roots back to Ireland. In the Boston area, especially, you may come across many Irish pubs and restaurants. One of the most well-known opportunities to celebrate this heritage is St. Patrick’s Day. The historically Irish South Boston area has held a parade to… Continue Reading
New England Ski Resorts (3/1/2019) Posted in: Sports, Winter - Even with winter winding down, we still keep getting snow. Part of living in New England is adapting to the snow while keeping yourself occupied, and turning the snow into a positive to get the most out of it. Now, this can be something as easy sledding down a hill near your home for some.… Continue Reading
Valentine’s Day (2/8/2019) Posted in: dessert, Dinner, Holiday - It is already February, and that means Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Sometimes this can be a stressful time for couples trying to decide on the best place to spend a V-Day dinner. Whether it be a fancy meal, flowers, a box of chocolates, or just spending quality time with loved ones, Valentine’s… Continue Reading
Super Bowl LIII : New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams (2/1/2019) Posted in: Gillette, Patriots, Sports - As we draw closer to the end of January, the end of the football season is upon us. In typical Patriots fashion, we are where we belong, and once again competing in the Super Bowl! For the third straight year in the championship game, the Patriots will be playing the Los Angeles Rams to claim… Continue Reading
Movie Night! (1/5/2019) Posted in: Franklin - Now that the Holiday season is past us, we may find ourselves looking for entertainment during these cold New England winter months. If you enjoy the cinema, then consider taking a trip to the Showcase Cinema De Lux at Patriot Place in Foxboro. This modern, full-service theater is fully upgraded, and loaded with amenities! If… Continue Reading
Stay Fit In Franklin For Your 2019 (1/1/2019) Posted in: Franklin - Now that the New Year is upon us, it is time to set some goals for 2019. One of the main New Year’s resolutions every year is to get in better shape. Whether or not you stay active regularly, there are always ways to get out more and improve your health. Luckily for Montage At… Continue Reading
Patriot Place NYE Activities (12/27/2018) Posted in: Holiday, Patriots - There always tends to be a lot going on around this time of the year. With Christmas now just past us, our attention turns toward New Year’s Eve. For some people this night is best spent at home with family, while celebrating the New Year with those closest to you. Others may be looking for… Continue Reading
New England Sports Round-Up (12/21/2018) Posted in: Patriots, Sports - Here in New England we tend to have a loud and proud fan base, for all our professional sports teams. We are often very boastful of all our championship banners and rings, to the annoyance of opposing fan bases. At the forefront of New England sports this time of year is the Patriots, and their… Continue Reading
Top Pizza Locations In Franklin (12/10/2018) Posted in: Dinner - Do you ever find yourself longing for a hot slice of pizza, but unsure of where to go? Luckily for Franklin residents, there are plenty of options for pizza! Whether you be in search of a quick bite to satisfy your appetite, or to feed a group with a couple different pizza pies, Franklin has… Continue Reading
Franklin Holiday Happenings! (12/1/2018) Posted in: Franklin, Holiday - Looking for some fun ways to spend time with your loved ones around Franklin this Holiday season? Well look no further, as the Franklin Downtown Partnership will be hosting its 10th Annual Holiday Happenings event. The events will begin Thursday, December 6th, and will run through Sunday, December 9th. To kick off the activities on… Continue Reading
Toys for Tots (11/29/2018) Posted in: Franklin, Holiday - Brendon Properties and the Montage at Brookview team are looking forward to the start of the Holiday Season. This time of year is meant to be spent with loved ones, whether that be family or friends. Many of us are fortunate enough to have beautiful memories regarding the holiday season. However, this time of the… Continue Reading