5 Reasons to Take the Commuter Rail into Boston

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Brookview at Franklin has countless luxury features and comforts that make life easier and more enjoyable. One such convenience is the Franklin Line Commuter Rail; the nearest stop, Forge Park/495, is only mile away from Brookview and incredibly easy to utilize for commuting into Boston. The other Franklin stop – aptly named Franklin – is also very close to Brookview; it’s just an 8-minute drive away! Whether you’re looking to spend the day, night, or a whole weekend in Boston – your trip into the city will be made infinitely sweeter by the perks of taking the Commuter Rail!

  1. Station proximity to Brookview at Franklin

A significant benefit of taking the Commuter Rail is the ease of getting to the station and then into Boston; the Franklin line Commuter Rail stops a mile away from Brookview and leads directly to South Station. You can walk 22 minutes to the Forge Park/495 station from Brookview or drive 5 minutes and park your car there – or call an Uber!

  1. Relaxing commute

You won’t need to worry about any car troubles while you’re relaxing on the Commuter Rail! There’s no stopping for gas, keeping your eyes glued to the road, paying to fill up the tank, or succumbing to road rage after someone cuts you off for the third time. On the Commuter Rail, you can read a book, take a nap, or just enjoy sitting still for a moment and watching the scenery fly by through the window. Instead of trying to find parking in Boston, when you get off at South Station you can hit the ground running.

  1. Avoid traffic on Red Sox game days

Another thing that you won’t have to contend with is Red Sox traffic coming into the city! The Commuter Rail will likely be both more busy and rowdy on game days, but the atmosphere will lift your mood and get you mentally prepared to cheer as hard as you can once you get to Fenway.

  1. Date night or drinks

Leave the car keys at home for this trip – if you’re headed into the city for drinks with friends or your significant other, then it’s best to let someone else coordinate the commute. You can easily call an Uber to bring you to the station and to drop you back off at home again after some fancy, well-earned cocktails by the Boston harbor.

  1. Better for the environment

Public transport reduces air pollution, traffic congestion, and the amount of car accidents. According to the American Public Transport Association, transit is 10 times safer than driving – by taking the Commuter Rail, you would not only be living more sustainably and helping the planet, but you would also be safer than if you drove. The more that we are able to ride-share, the better!

The next time you’re headed into the city, remember that the Commuter Rail is always available to you. Whether you’re looking to take a break from the road, get some carefree drinks, or save yourself the hassle of navigating traffic and parking, hopping on the Franklin Line will give you some much-needed rest for your trip. Enjoy your time in Boston!

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